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The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles shall not issue a temporary operator’s license bearing a public passenger endorsement for operation of a school bus or student transportation vehicle. The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may issue, withhold, renew, suspend, cancel or revoke any public passenger endorsement required to operate a motor vehicle that transports passengers, as provided in subsection of section 14-36a. The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may, in making his or her decision, consider the age, accident and criminal record, moral character and physical condition of any such applicant or public passenger endorsement holder and such other matters as the commissioner may determine. Any previously licensed operator who fails to renew a motor vehicle operator’s license in accordance with subsection of this section shall be charged a late fee of twenty-five dollars upon renewal of such operator’s license. Each such nonresident shall display on the motor vehicle he is operating the distinguishing number or mark required by the state or country within which the motor vehicle is registered. No motor vehicle operator’s license issued pursuant to this section shall be used as identification for voting purposes.

Upon initial registration or renewal of any such motor vehicle, the commissioner may presume that an insurance policy or indemnity bond meets the minimum amounts specified in said subsection or for such vehicle. No such registration shall be issued until such amphibious vehicle has passed a safety inspection conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Comptroller, upon application of the commissioner and with the approval of the Attorney General, shall draw an order on the Treasurer in favor of any person who has been inducted into the armed forces for a refund of money paid for the registration of a motor vehicle. The commissioner may provide for the renewal of the registration of any motor vehicle by means of a telephone request and order by the registrant. The commissioner may charge a service fee of five dollars, in addition to the fee prescribed for the renewal of the registration, for each application for renewal processed by telephone. Such service fee shall be used to cover the costs incurred in processing such applications.

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No fines or penalties shall accrue to the owner of such rented or leased vehicle for the violation for a period of sixty days after the second notice is mailed. A participating municipality shall notify the commissioner of every owner of a registered motor vehicle who has unpaid fines for more than five parking violations committed within such municipality on and after March 1, 1989. Upon receipt of such notification, the commissioner shall not issue or renew the motor vehicle registration of such person until he receives notification from such municipality that the delinquent fines have been paid. No person or company issuing any such insurance or indemnity bond shall issue an insurance policy or indemnity bond for a motor vehicle specified in subsection of this section for limits less than those specified in subsection or of this section.

The period of disqualification may not exceed thirty days unless the commissioner is satisfied that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has complied with the procedures for review and hearing set forth in 49 CFR 383.52. The period of any disqualification imposed under this subsection shall be concurrent with the period of any other disqualification or suspension imposed on such commercial driver.

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Any funds in excess of those necessary for the processing of such applications shall be deposited in the General Fund. Each registrant who elects to renew by telephone shall sign the certificate of registration, attesting to the information contained therein under penalty of false statement, as provided in section 53a-157b, when the certificate is issued by the commissioner. Any such certificate which is not signed shall be void. The commissioner may employ the services of an independent contractor or contractors to process such applications for renewal and provide any equipment or system necessary for such purpose.

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The back of such license shall contain language indicating that it cannot be used for voting purposes. For any such license issued prior to July 1, 2016, the language required by this subsection shall be added upon renewal of such license. The commissioner may establish one or more restrictions on commercial driver’s licenses of any class, in regulations adopted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54. Subject to the provisions of subsection of section 14-44d, a commercial driver’s license of any class authorizes the holder of such license to operate any motor vehicle that may be operated by the holder of a class D operator’s license. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to limit, amend, repeal or affect any of the powers and jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation or the provisions of sections 14-39, 13b-410a and 13b-410b. On and after March 1, 1989, any municipality may participate in a program administered by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to facilitate the payment of fines for parking violations. If any such municipality elects to participate in such program, it shall provide for a notice of violation to be served personally upon the operator of a motor vehicle who is present at the time of service.

The commissioner may prescribe, by regulations adopted in accordance with chapter 54, the method and manner of notification pursuant to this subsection. The Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection shall complete such state and national criminal history records checks required pursuant to this section within sixty days of receiving such a request for a check of such records. Each applicant for a public passenger endorsement to operate a school bus or student transportation vehicle shall submit to a check of the state child abuse xinput1_3.dll download and neglect registry established pursuant to section 17a-101k.

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On and after July 1, 2011, the minimum fee shall be sixty dollars. The commissioner shall refuse to issue or renew a motor vehicle operator’s license if the address furnished by the applicant is determined to be incorrect. The department shall notify the Department of Social Services of the current address of holders of motor vehicle operator’s licenses when a change of address is reported. Any holder of a commercial driver’s license whose driving is determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to constitute an imminent hazard, as defined in section 14-1, shall be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle.


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